About Us



Undergraduate Program

Our department is the combination and integration of two design disciplines, that of architecture and landscape architecture. We welcome this integration of design disciplines, for the purpose of meeting the challenges the 21th century, as environmental awareness and practice are more holistic. Moreover, our
education design focuses on the discussion of the civil society, on people’s real concerns in life, on societal disadvantages, and on the public welfare of the community. It is desired, this path of learning can create not only a good education milieu for architects and landscape architects, but also thoughtful activists for the improvement of our environments and communities. 

Masters Program

Our Master’s Program aims at the development of a new set of education goals for architecture and landscape architecture designers. We hope that our graduate students become those who can truly provide our society with global vision, as well as meaningful local practices. Moreover, our graduate students will have the opportunity to go abroad, either for international exhibitions, or third-world humanitarian practices. Promoting local community renaissance and the active participation of improving local environments are the core-learning of our program.
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