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Introduction / Core Capability Index

The Capability Index of the Department of Architecture and Landscape

A-E-WA1. Capability of employing creativity, aesthetic and knowledge in architectural design, opening new vision of environmental education 

A-E-WA2. Capability of investigating, assessing, explaining and forming design concepts into architectural space and form, deepening skills of landscape planning and environmental design based on architectural training  

B-E-WA1. Advancing the capability and habit of self-consciousness, self-examination, self-confidence and self-learning, and cultivating the capability and habit of continuing learning


B-E-WA2. Advancing the capability of multi-thinking, cultural vision and continuing growth 0%

C-E-WA1. The capability of planning and executing architectural practice, combining with local social service activities to expand student's practical operative experience

C-E-WA2. The capability of discovering, analyzing, and solving complicated architectural problems, building architectural design education with local characteristic

D-E-WA1. Advancing career-needed capability of Chinese, foreign languages and information knowledge

D-E-WA2. The capability of planning and management, effective communication, respecting multi-opinion, and cooperating with different professionals, investigating the insight of rural-urban and  community development.   

E-E-WA1. Understanding current issues, knowing architecture practice's influence toward environment, society, economics and global matter.   AAC 3.69%

E-E-WA2. Understanding professional ethic and recognizing social responsibility, as well as the overall development of society, culture and environmental sustainability. Concerning for human's living environment and ecological surroundings.  

F-E-WA1. Advancing basic insight of culture and arts

F-E-WA2.Advancing the capability of emotional control, press-adjusting and self-cultivating0%

The Capability Index of the Master Program of Department of Architecture and Landscape
Professional know-how of the culture of architecture and landscape
Capability of creative thinking and solving problems, earnestly implementing academic theory of Spatial Education and expanding into practical level of professional education.
Capability of lifelong self-learning and self-cultivating
Capability of cooperating with people from different fields.
C-E-Wa1:Capability of connecting the issues of culture, ecology and place-making, planning and executing specific researches.
Capability of writing professional papers
Cultivating environmental workers with local insight and global vision


multi-disciplined experts with capabilities of leading, managing and planning

Taking community as working field, enabling student's understanding of local culture, social responsibility, civil mentality and professional ethic by interactivities of students and community.

Enabling student's concern for environment and society, with the spirit of helping people, caring for environment and dedicating to society

F-E-Wa1:Advancing basic insight of culture and arts

F-E-Wa2:Advancing capabilities of emotional-control, press-adjusting and self-cultivating
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